2017 VENDOR/EXHIBITOR RULES AND REGULATIONS 1. APPLICATION AND FEES A. This application shall be subject to the prior approval of Roadhouse Promotions, Inc. which reserves the right to reject any application in the best interest of the event. B. Vendor/Exhibitor must pay at time of submitting application. Make checks payable to Roadhouse Promotions Inc. and if mailing, to 5121 Coldstream Lane, Naples, FL 34104. C. If the amount is not paid before the event, the vendor will not be allowed in the event. D. Cancellation by vendor of allotted space will be accepted by Roadhouse Promotions provided written notice is received, and receipt signed for no later than 60 days prior to the opening of the event. No payments received will be refunded to the exhibitor by Roadhouse Promotions in this event. 2. ELIGIBILITY AND ACCEPTANCE BY ROADHOUSE PROMOTIONS Roadhouse Promotions reserves the right to determine eligibility of vendors/exhibitors for any event, whether prior to or after Roadhouse Promotions acceptance of the application, and submission of this application and deposit does not guarantee acceptance by Roadhouse Promotions. 3. VENDOR/EXHIBITOR SPACE ASSIGNMENT A. The method of determining space assignment shall be established by Roadhouse Promotions and may be changed from time to time without notice to vendors/exhibitors. B. Exhibit space size requests must be specified on the application. Roadhouse Promotions reserves the right to reassign a vendor/exhibitor location to accommodate event needs. C. Vendors/exhibitors shall not assign, sublet, or apportion the whole or any part of the exhibit space they have applied for or are later assigned, except in connection with the sale of vendor’s/exhibitor’s business. Notice of the business sale must be made in writing to Roadhouse Promotions by the current vendor/exhibitor or applicant. 4. ENTRY HOURS Vendor/Exhibitor personnel are only allowed to enter the vendor/exhibitor area one (1) hour before the posted event hours. No vehicles will be allowed in on event days. 5. SET-UP A. All displays including vehicles must be in place and excess material, cartons, and refuse removed by 5pm on the final set-up date. Roadhouse Promotions assumes no responsibility for Vendor/Exhibitor materials left unattended during set-up. B. Set-up is only allowed during the specified set-up days and times. No set-up allowed during event days. No vehicle access to booth areas to drop off product during event days. C. Any space not claimed and occupied by 5pm on set-up day may be reassigned or resold by Roadhouse Promotions with no refunds, transfers or credits to be given. D. Vendors/Exhibitors to provide their own UL extension cords and any 3 prong adapters needed for paid electrical service (through Roadhouse Promotions). 6. TEAR-DOWN A. No removal of product and/or equipment prior to tear-down start time. B. Vendor/Exhibitor agrees to dismantle their display as soon as practical after the end of the event. Roadhouse Promotions assumes no responsibility for any Vendor/Exhibitor material left unattended during tear-down. All product and equipment must be removed by 7pm after end of the event unless prior approval. C. Any product or materials needing to be picked up and shipped after tear down is the sole responsibility of the Vendor /Exhibitor. Roadhouse Promotions and/or the event facility shall not be responsible for products or items left after end of tear down. 7. VENDOR/EXHIBITOR INSURANCE The Vendor/Exhibitor shall have liability insurance coverage of not less than $1 million dollars and shall provide Roadhouse Promotions with a Certificate of Insurance naming Roadhouse Promotions as an additional insured verifying such insurance coverage (see insurance coverage attachment to this document). 8. OPERATIONS AND CONDUCT AT EVENT A. Roadhouse Promotions reserves the absolute right to restrict any exhibit to appropriate and suitable methods of operation and/or displays of material. If for any reason an exhibit and/or its contents, or the conduct of vendor/exhibitors staff, are deemed objectionable by Roadhouse Promotions, then, in Roadhouse Promotions sole discretion, that exhibit and/or staff member shall be subject to immediate removal from the event at vendor/exhibitors sole expense. B. Vendor/Exhibitor will not be allowed to obstruct the view from any side of their assigned booth display area(s), nor occasion injury to or adversely affect the displays of other vendors/exhibitors. C. Each vendor/exhibitor is responsible for all damage to any property caused by vendor’s/exhibitor’s staff, personnel, or its representatives. D. Vendor/Exhibitor shall not distribute any advertising matter, literature, souvenir items, or promotional materials in or about the vendor/exhibitor areas except from its own assigned vendor/exhibit space or booth. E. Vendors/Exhibitors are not permitted to host or sponsor any event which attracts buyers during vendor/exhibit at an event or which otherwise conflicts with the scheduled program promoted by Roadhouse Promotions at the event. F. Parking: Vendors/Exhibitors are required to park in the designated area marked. Handicapped vehicles are required to park in the designated area. Vendors/Exhibitors with trailers or oversized vehicles are required to park in the designated area. G. Display Vehicles: (i) All Display Vehicles must remain in the assigned indoors (if available) booth space from close of set-up day through the end of the event. No “in and out” driving privileges allowed for any indoor exhibited Display Vehicles. (ii) If a Display Vehicle is used in an outdoor exhibit is to have “in and out” event driving privileges, it must be registered as a normal participant vehicle for that event. H. Freight; Any shipments made to the event, and all arrangements and costs necessary to unload/load Vendor/Exhibitor freight, including forklifts, must be made through the facility, and are the sole responsibility of the Vendor/Exhibitor, and must be paid to the facility or event director. Any and all freight (including UPS, Federal Express & DHL) can only be signed for and accepted by the receiving Vendor/Exhibitor on the assigned set-up day. Roadhouse Promotions and/or the facility staff will not sign for or accept any Vendor/Exhibitor freight or mail. I. All demonstration areas must be organized within the Vendor’s/Exhibitor’s exhibit space so as not to interfere with any pedestrian traffic in aisles. All demonstration tables and areas must be placed within the booth or exhibit space area. J. Vendors/Exhibitors must keep the noise levels from demonstrations or music in their exhibit booth space to a minimum, and can never interfere with Roadhouse Promotions or the facility public announcement systems. K. Booth space must be occupied by Vendor/Exhibitor staff during event hours. 9. LIABILITY RELEASE, INDEMNIFICATION & HOLD HARMLESS A. The Vendor/Exhibitor and each person associated therewith (i.e. employees, spouses, guests, survivors, heirs, executors, and representatives) as specifically represented by the person whose name and signature appears on this Application, herein agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless, and to release and forever discharge, from any and all known and unknown damage, injury, death, loss, liability, claims, penalties, actions, causes of action, judgments, and liabilities of every kind and description (including court costs and attorney’s fees), occasioned by, resulting from, and/or related to conduct, actions and/or omissions of anyone connected with this event, including: Roadhouse Promotions, Inc; the owner/operator of the event facility; all other vendors/exhibitors at the event; and each of their respective owners, shareholders, officers, directors, employees, agents, staff, independent contractors, representatives and servants, and any other persons connected with the promotion, production, management, and/or presentation of any portion of the event. B. The Vendor/Exhibitor, as represented by their signature on this Application, agrees and specifically acknowledges that Roadhouse Promotions and their officers, staff, employees, agents, representatives, and/or servants, are herein totally absolved from any responsibility or liability whatsoever in any matters relating to any restrictions, controls, and/or conditions imposed on the Vendor/Exhibitor by any regulatory agency or government authority (whether federal, state, regional, or local), whether in connection with, before, during, or after this event, or otherwise. C. Due to weather there are no transfers, refunds, or credits.